The Municipal Government of Libona, Bukidnon thru Executive Order No. 66, series of 2021 has placed three barangays – Gango, Kinawe and Kili-og (GKK) under Enhanced Community Quarantine for the period May 14-28, 2021 due to the rising Covid-19 cases in the area. GKK is the nearest barangays bordering Cagayan de Oro City.

It can be recalled that the 3 barangays registered 41 total confirmed COVID-19 as of May 14, 2021 prompting Mayor Aurelio B Lopez to place GKK under TOTAL LOCKDOWN effective May 14, 2021, 6:00 pm until May 28, 2021, 6:00 pm, per Executive Order No. 66, Series of 2021.

Because of the total lockdown, 3 popular tourists spots in the area – CHELLY’S, KINAWE BLOOMING FARM and VISTA WEST CAFE will be CLOSED during the period.

Read full text of Section 1 of EO 66, series of 2021 below.

SECTION 1. In implementing the Total Lockdown (Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) per National IATF Resolution No. 110, dated April 15, 2021), the following protocols should strictly be observed:

1. Minimum public health standards shall be complied with at all times for the duration of the ECQ.

2. Strict Home Quarantine shall be observed.

a) The movement of all persons shall be limited to accessing goods and services from permitted establishments, for work in such establishments, or for such other activities allowed under the ECQ.

b) Any person below eighteen (18) years old, those who are over sixty-five (65) years of age, those with immunodeficiency, comorbidity, or other health risks, and pregnant women shall be required to remain in their residences at all times.

3. Only the following establishments, persons, or activities are allowed to operate, work, or be undertaken for the duration of the ECQ:


i. Barangay Health Centers, emergency and frontline services, barangay disaster risk reduction management office and public safety and the like

ii. Industries involved in agriculture (crops, fruits, vegetables, livestock and poultry), forestry, and such other components of the food value chain and their workers, including farmers;

iii. Logistics service providers (delivery and courier services)

iv. Essential and priority construction projects, whether public or private, in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH);

v. Essential retail trade and service establishments such as talipapa, sari-sari stores, hardwares, bicycle/motor shops, bakeshops, laundry shops, and water-refilling stations;

vi. Food preparation establishments such as kiosks, restaurants, and eateries, BUT LIMITED TO TAKE-OUT AND DELIVERY ONLY;

vii. Public transport providers and operators are allowed but to ensure 50% capacity.


i. Water supply services and facilities, including waste disposal services

ii. Energy sector such as gasoline station and power provider, including employees involved in electric transmission and distribution, and line maintenance,

iii. Telecommunications companies, internet service providers, cable television providers, including those who perform indirect services such as the technical, sales, and other support personnel, as well as the employees of their third-party contractors doing sales, installation, maintenance and repair works;

iv. Distribution and Receiving of Modules are temporarily suspended. Teachers and other staff for purposes of completion of grades and processing of student credentials , requirements and documents are allowed to report for duty on schedule basis (Skeletal Workforce).

4. All tourism establishments (private and public) shall temporarily be closed except those with food related services, BUT LIMITED TO TAKE-OUT AND DELIVERY ONLY;

5. Gatherings outside of residences shall be prohibited. Gatherings at residences with any person outside of one’s immediate household shall likewise be prohibited.

6. Gatherings that are essential for the provision of health services, government services, or humanitarian activities authorized by the appropriate government agency or instrumentality shall be allowed.

7. Pastors, priests or such other religious ministers and their assistants may conduct religious services performed through online video recording and transmission, necrological services, wakes, and funerals, and they shall be allowed to move for such purposes.

8. Law enforcement agencies shall recognize any of the following IDs:

i. if required by the LGU, IDs for availing of essential goods and services. No other IDs or passes specifically exempting persons from community quarantine shall be required of workers of permitted establishments and/or offices without prejudice to requiring the presentation of other documents establishing the nature of their work.

9. Curfew Hours will be from 7:00 PM until 5:00 AM. Workers, cargo vehicles, public transportation, and operating hours of permitted establishments, however, shall not be restricted by such curfew.

10. Strict implementation of the Liquor Ban for the duration of the lockdown.

11. Lotto outlet will be temporarily closed.

12.Jogging, biking and other exercise-related activities are allowed during ECQ but only from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. but is only allowed only within one’s respective village or community or within the vicinity of their residence.

The Local Covid Task Force is imploring the public to please stay home and cooperate in the contact tracing and syndromic surveillance activities!

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