Need a laugh to have some good vibes to start your day? Check out corporate lawyer Maynard Eugenio C. Ylagan who posts videos and photos in an attempt to lighten up people’s disposition during these unfortunate times of pandemic. Since Cagayan de Oro’s lockdown in March 2020, he has been sharing his penchant for making comedic skits in his social media accounts.

He also takes on the character of “Lil Beplop” where he raps satirical lyrics. “Just pure nonsense, all for the purpose of making people laugh and have fun”, according to him.


He said he continues to do so since he received positive messages from lonely OFWs and even grieving people, requesting for more fun skits and parodies. “I usually make these after work or during weekends. It takes me at least a couple of minutes to create one.”

Check out some of his good vibes videos below.

He also posts stories of his “pa-baon” for his wife, which he prepares daily and calls them “Ez Meal”, coined from the name of the half-pinoy rapper, Ez Mil. What adds humor to his videos is when it centers around his being President of #TeamLoyal. It is also a sort of escape for him from his lawyering work and everyday stress. “As long as naay mag-enjoy, padayon ko ani.” When asked what inspired him to make these contents, he said, “Dili man ko kwartahan, maong good vibes na lang akong ika-share sa uban.”

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