“TAGOYAMAN FERNANDO”, a 4-year-old rescued Philippine eagle was released back to his home forest at the edge of the Pantaron Range, between barangays Magkalungay and Namnam in San Fernando, Bukidnon on Thursday, April 22, 2021 coinciding with Earth Day. The raptor was rescued by Datu Tagoyaman last October 2020 in Barangay Magkalungay, San Fernando, Bukidnon that was snared in a trap intended for wild pigs.

The event was attended by Australian Ambassador Steven Robinson, Senator Migz Zubiri, DENR officials and local tribal groups led by Datu Tagoyaman himself. Watch these videos below courtesy of Lohwana Halaq, Doc Bayani, Len Cordero and Sen. Migz Zubiri.

As per CENRO Valencia, the gallant Datu Tagoyaman wrestled with the hungry and perturbed raptor to remove the snare after which he was brought down to the village and fed. Three days later, the eagle was safely with the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) through the concerted effort of caring individuals, the Office of the Governor through the provincial zoo, and the DENR through DENR CENRO Valencia City.

Here’s Tagoyaman Fernando during his rescue in October 2020. Photo by Fr. Conrado Casas Jr, Parish Priest of San Fernando.


A few weeks after he was taken by the PEF, DENR CENRO Valencia City was appraised of his condition. Tagoyaman Fernando, still nameless during that time, was underweight and had an embedded pellet from an air rifle. It was not removed since the wound have healed and closed over the object and an operation might only damage the bird.

A monkey-eating-eagle, as its old moniker goes, needs 50 square kilometers of forest to support its needs. Fortunately, the municipality of San Fernando, specially Pantaron Range, has enough forest cover to support multiple Philippine eagles. After Tagoyaman Fernando was rescued, two other Philippine eagles were found to live in the forested areas of the municipality and there is a possible breeding pair in Barangay Kibongkog, also of San Fernando.

Browse some photos below courtesy of Sen. Migz Zubiri, Philippine Eagle Foundation and LGU San Fernando.


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