Jeremy Hallazgo, the vlogger who jumped into the Gaston Park fountain last Sunday, April 18, won’t be facing charges of alarm and scandal. Instead, he was penalized four (4) days of community service after the City Government of Cagayan de Oro accepted his apology and instead issued him Ordinance Violation Receipt (OVR) for his infraction.

It can be recalled that a watchman at the park sought police assistance last Sunday after Hallazgo who uses Daily Fawk in his vlogging activities jumped into the park fountain and started running round to the surprise of the Sunday crowd who have just come from nearby St. Augustine Cathedral. When accosted by police, Hallazgo said he was merely accepting a dare from his vlog followers. He has since apologized for his actions. Two of his companions, reportedly his cameraman and editor were also taken into police custody.

photo by COCPO STN 1
photo by COCPO STN 1
photo by COCPO STN 1

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