This has been going on for years and remains unabated up to this day. Trucks and delivery vans negotiating the winding road in Upper Puerto, Cagayan de Oro City are often victimized by so-called “ninjas” who climb on their vehicles and steal from their cargoes.

These ‘ninjas’ get the chance to climb because trucks usually slow down going uphill by changing to low gear thereby allowing these cat-quick individuals. They get off before the truck reaches the top of the hill and run away. More often, the driver pays for any missing cargoes. Watch these series of videos below courtesy of Chrislyn Magasin Dalaguan of a recent incident last April 9.

In the video, two ‘ninjas’ are seen climbing at the back of the truck and slash open the tarpaulin canvass looking for something they can get.


The two eventually jump off from the truck empty-handed.


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