Encouraging kids to do farming nowadays is very difficult especially with the advancement of gadgetry. But one way to make them love farming is for them to experience harvesting – giant cabbage, carrots and strawberries in the highlands of Miarayon, Talakag, Bukidnon.

This was what Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) Chair Secretary Manny Piñol learned over the weekend after bringing his son who is an incoming veterinary student together with a friend and a few cousins for an overnight camping in the highlands in Talakag and a visit to the organic farm of tribal farmer Ryan Danio where they were allowed to pick strawberries and harvest carrots and huge cabbage.


Secretary Piñol said the kids immensely enjoyed the experience and the on-field lectures he gave them afterwhich he realized that this is the most effective way of convincing kids to love farming – make them enjoy the harvesting. And accordingly, after the harvest, they peppered him with questions on how to plant strawberry, carrots and cabbage.


There is no signal in the area so the kids enjoyed the bonding.


So next time, if you want your kids to love farming, bring them during harvest time.

with text and photos by Manny Piñol

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