A barangay official in Cagayan de Oro City is now detained at Carmen Police Station after he was caught by his wife as he was leaving an inn along Kauswagan Highway past noon today, April 6, 2021. The said barangay official allegedly checked-in at the said inn together with a female barangay chair and his location was tracked by his wife using GPS installed on his vehicle.

According to radio reports, the female barangay official escaped by hailing a taxi before the wife could block the door of the room. Meanwhile, the husband denied the allegations stating they only talked. The wife is determined to pursue charges against her husband. Watch this interview below of police assigned to the case courtesy of iFM CDO.

UPDATE: Indahag Barangay Chair Jocelyn Dahino went to some some radio stations to clear her name and denied the allegations after the incident went viral in social media.

UPDATE: Here’s the video courtesy of iFM CDO showing the woman coming out of the garage at an inn in Kauswagan.

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