Unsure about the safety and quality of refilled 5-gallon jugs of mineral water from water refilling stations? How about making it yourself instead? iCOStilwaters offers that healthier choice with its 6-stage water filtration station right in the safety of your home or office.


For convenience, iCoStilwaters can set up a hot and cold alkaline water desktop dispenser at your home directly connected to your water supply for just Php25,000. Guess what, installation and plumbing works are FREE and you also get FREE maintenance within 18 months (filter replacement).


This innovative design removes the hassle of putting a heavy 5-gallon water jug on your water dispenser everytime during replacement. Its 6-stage filtration system with alkaline and a UV water sterilizer is also a proven technology widely used in many water purifying applications.


For a cheaper alternative, iCOStilwaters also offers a water filtration system with alkaline for only Php7,000 which can be installed at your kitchen sink (plumbing accessories excluded).


It also comes in 4 Packages as shown below.


iCOStilwaters‘ filtration system produces alkaline water without screening out the essential minerals in water. For orders or inquiries, just contact 0917-136-6335.

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