A netizen has called the attention of concerned barangay officials with the discovery of piles of garbage dumped along the old route of the Camaman-an – Indahag Road.

Open dumping of garbage is now prohibited with the implementation of the Republic Act 9003 or the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000. But we could still see a lot of unsegregated trash dumped in undesignated dumpsites such as this one shared by Javeboi Molina Acacio.

The specific area is located at the boundary of Barangays Camaman-an and Indahag and along the old route which is now being used by mountain bikers. Vehicles are now using the new route parallel to the old one which is perhaps why the garbage dump is not observed.


As shown below, piles of trash litter a long stretch of the roadside. Based on the photos, dumping of garbage at the site seems not new. Another significant observation is that beyond the trash is a ravine and garbage could find its way down the hill in surface waters.


photos by Javeboi Molina Acacio

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