SupportZebra – A homegrown BPO company, geared up by joining this year’s worldwide Earth Hour last March 27, 2021.

With the theme “UNPLUG TO SAVE MOTHER EARTH” along with the hashtag “#SZocialResposibility”, from 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM, SupportZebra promoted awareness by switching off 30% of their lights in the hopes of inspiring people to join and take part in healing the planet, our home, by simply turning off non-essential lights and electrical items that consume electricity for an hour.

As a company that aims to lead the BPO industry and continuously improve the lives of the people, as well as the community, SupportZebra also promoted awareness in electricity consumption not just to its employees, but with every community that deals with the company in any aspect.

Applying the company’s core values, SupportZebra showed the love of Family by inspiring people to save mother Earth, WOWed the community and the industry by joining the event, showed Integrity by being transparent, radiated Positivity by creating ideas during Earth hour, and being Generous, as what mother earth has taught us all along.

SZ Managing Director said, “As an organization, it is our responsibility to give back by letting the earth breathe.“

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