A man in Cagayan de Oro City was surprised to recover his money amounting to P5,175 from the store manager of MR DIY inside CityMall Iponan yesterday, March 31, 2021. What’s interesting is that he lost the envelope containing the cash last December 2020.

According to Ser Yhel, he was at MR DIY Store at CityMall Iponan yesterday to purchase some materials when a store staff called his attention and asked him if he had bought a sprayer at the store last December 2020.


Ser Yhel said he did bought a sprayer during that time and got a little bit nervous when the staff then called her manager and a few co-workers who started looking at him suspiciously. One staff approached him and asked if he had lost money last December. He then remembered and told the staff he had indeed lost P5,175 cash inside an envelope which he inadvertently lost it from his pocket. He could no longer remember where he lost it since he had visited so many hardware stores at that time including MR DIY. He added he had already given up recovering the money and just thought that whoever found it may use it for a good purpose and help their problem.


But until yesterday, Ser Yhel never thought he could still recover the money and MR DIY gladly returned it to him the full amount intact. The store staff said the recovered envelope containing cash often came up during their daily toolbox meetings and is among their pending concerns that they’ve been looking for him for the last 3 months. And yesterday, a staff finally recognized him from the CCTV footage.


Ser Yhel was just so glad to experience this kind gesture from today’s society that it restored his faith in humanity. Kind people still exist today especially at Mr. DIY Citymall Iponan, he added.

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