UPDATE: DRY RUN IMPLEMENTATION (APRIL 1-7) “Verification expired….I’m not a robot” – that seems to be the common case for would-be registrants for Higala App QR Code with less than a day left prior to its full implementation as netizens are finding it hard to open much less to register at the designated website.

Since it was announced yesterday, netizens trooped to the site to register but it either takes time to load or never at all….


Even it finally opened and you fill in the data, it again takes time to send the verification code and you’ll have to repeat the process all over again without success.


While the intent of the QR Code is good for contact tracing, many local businessmen find it hard to implement since it requires them to have a scanner and associated device just to scan customers entering their premises. A few malls in the city are already implementing it but not mandatory.


UPDATE: April 1-7 will be DRY RUN implementation.

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