The implementation of the Higala App QR Code will just be on DRY RUN on April 1-7, 2021 which means there will be no strict implementation of penalties as specified in the City Ordinance. Cagayan de Oro City Hall made this clarification as it will be deploying teams to monitor and assist establishments in complying the requirements. This means, individuals will still have a week to register. For technical support and similar concers, just contact 0967-027-1718 | 0916-902-3698 | 859-3842.

Accordingly, as of March 31, 2021 about 571,000 individuals and more than 900 establishments have already registered to the Higala App. Meanwhile, 1,000 individuals are catered for registration per hour.

Meanwhile, below are the authorized booths where you can register with Higala App and get your QR Code.

image by City Information Office

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