You’ll know at the moment when you hear a good voice…and that’s what netizen Ruel Quinones experienced a few nights back in Divisoria, Cagayan de Oro City after hearing a song from a woman on the sidewalk with a blind guitarist.

The woman who gave her name as “Regine” has no relation with the blind man who has been a fixture on the sidewalk beside a popular drug store playing guitars and receiving money for those who wanted to help and appreciate his talent. But this one night was special after ‘Regine” simply wanted to help and sing for the blind man. As she belted out some of the songs, pedestrians including Ruel himself couldn’t help but take out some money from their wallet and give to the blind man. Regine’s own rendition of “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw” was just emotional…. a 4-chair turner indeed. UPDATE – her real name is Regine Carpio.

Watch her below.

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