The operator and driver of the trailer truck which hit the pedestrian overpass in Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City which later stalled along the highway causing monstrous traffic yesterday, March 17, 2021 will be facing appropriate charges including fines and penalties particularly on obstruction of traffic and property damage. This was bared by Roads and Traffic Administration Information Officer James Andrade during a radio interview today.

Watch this interview below courtesy of Magnum Radyo.

It can be recalled that the arm of the back hoe the truck was carrying hit the lower portion of the Bugo overpass at around 7:45am. Fortunately, there was only minor damage to the overpass but still caused heavy traffic since it was rush hour. See below.

The incident dragged on for several hours until noon when the truck was finally removed. However, when the truck was executing a U-turn, it suddenly stalled and the trailer started to tip over on the side. See below.

It again took several hours to wait for the crane to remove the back hoe which was further delayed due to the heavy traffic. See photos below.

photo by Nelson Jr Golez Tejada
photo by Nelson Jr Golez Tejada
photo by Nelson Jr Golez Tejada
photo by Nelson Jr Golez Tejada

The incident further dragged on through the night with many missing their dinner.

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