Read the official advisory from the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) on the seawater discoloration affecting several coastal barangays in Ozamiz City which revealed the presence of plankton species that cause algal blooms.

image by BFAR 10

If you can’t read the text, read below.

This advisory is issued on the discoloration that occurred in waters in Ozamiz City that started on February 21, 2021 and now observed in waters of Barangay Santa Cruz, San Roque , Carmen Annex, El Triunfo, and Malaubang.

The water samples collected for plankton determination from areas of discoloration and analyzed by BFAR revealed the presence of Myrionecta rubra /Mesodinium rubrum that cause algal blooms. These species do not produce toxins that can cause poisoning syndrome in human beings and does not have direct affect in aquatic animals.

Nevertheless, the public is advised to refrain from eating dead fish obtained from areas covered by the discolored water. Fish and other fishery products is safe for human consumption provided they are fresh, and washed thoroughly before cooking. Swimmers and scuba divers are likewise advised to avoid body contact with the water in areas where the discoloration occurs.

Photos below show the water sampling conducted by BFAR in Ozamiz City.


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