Four bridge projects – Kulaman, Malusikob, Manikaan and Mangawag – are now completed as part of the ongoing construction of the Malaybalay City-Gingoog City Road. Said projects are geared to provide a seamless transport infrastructure network that would cut travel time between the two cities, enable cost-efficient movement of goods, generate agglomeration of economies, and improve the peace and order condition of the locality.

In addition to these bridge projects is the concreting of roads in the barangays of Busdi, Caburacanan, Kulaman and Mapulo with a total length of 7.27 KM. This is implemented to complete missing gaps along the Malaybalay City-Gingoog City Road and offer better access to basic goods and services in rural areas.

Kulaman Bridge
Manikaan Bridge
Malusikob Bridge
Mangawag Bridge

photos, text and info courtesy of DPWH-10

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