Have you been to Kalye Walay Uyab yet? Yes, that’s a real street located in Molugan, El Salvador City, Misamis Oriental. We’ve previously posted about this in 2017 and in 2014 and we thought about visiting the street again with Valentine’s Day coming in next week.

As shown below, the street sign still exists but it is relatively different compared to the previous years.


Check our old post below and see the difference.

By the way, here’s the map. The landmark is Motormate which is along the highway. Just enter the road across it. Roads are paved.


Locals with no girlfriends or even boyfriends often gather at the street sign and chill the night away.

It’s been a quiet residential neighborhood since the start of the pandemic.


The local group have something in common – you guess it right – “walay uyab” or “no fiance”.


So, do you have a date on February 14? Or will you just stay at home…

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