Beyond Numbers, a PRC-accredited CPD provider in Cagayan de Oro, officially launched its Financial Literacy Program (FLP) with a comical video entitled “Gugma Ug Kwarta” (aka Conversations Before Saying I Do).

“Quite frankly, many Filipinos are living beyond their means. We are borrowing too much, spending too much, and not saving enough. The FLP is our effort to help improve financial literacy in our community.”, said Michelle Nayve, Course Director and Financial Literacy leader.


“The first thing we did was reach out to Filipinos across the country to ask them what they needed, what information they were lacking, and how we could help them learn more to develop their financial capability. We have done research for this program to ensure that every element is current, accurate, and provides information that Filipinos need.”, she added.

“All our sessions follow the same format except for our school programs which are workshop-based. These presentations are about 45 minutes long and allow a 15-minute QnA. They are PowerPoint-based but have interactive games and exercises to keep the sessions fun and engaging. Most importantly, they are tested and piloted by accountants.”


 “Conversations Before I Do” is one of more than 30 topics specifically designed for core groups in the community. These include single adults, parents, seniors, laid off employees, students, entrepreneurs, and small to medium-sized businesses. “Every session is unique, but we are confident that there is one that you can relate to well.”, Nayve beamed.


The beauty of this program is that it also encourages volunteerism and community service. All FLP sessions are for free and will be presented by volunteer professionals who are experts in their field.


To host a virtual session for your school, company, or organization, please fill up this Request Form and allow Beyond Numbers at least 8 weeks to pair you up with a volunteer and set up the session.

For details, visit Facebook: Beyond Numbers Professional Development or call 0935-995-4409.

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