PAG-ASA, the iconic Phillipine Eagle which was the first of his species to be bred and hatched in captivity, has died. This was confirmed by the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

In its Facebook post, PEF stated “Pag-asa” would have been 29 on January 15. His hatchday is a monumental event as it spurred the conservation breeding efforts for his species.

image by PEF

Pag-asa was bred through artificial insemination and hatched through a combined artificial and natural incubation technique taught by the World Center For Birds of Prey. He was the first offspring of Philippine eagles Diola and Junior. Then 29-year-old Diola laid the egg, and Junior, found in Agusan, donated sperm. She sat the egg for twelve days before it was transferred to an incubator. According to PEF, the breeding technique improved the hatchability of the egg by as much as 30 percent – SOURCE

image by PEF

Pag-asa died on January 6, 2021, aged 28. Accordingly, he had infections associated with trichomoniasis and aspergillosis, which proved resistant to treatment. SOURCE

“Fly free, Pag-asa. Your legacy lives on.”

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