We can all sum up 2020 as the Start of the Covid Era which significantly affected the global economy. While many businesses suffered during the Covid-19 infection, it also gave rise to new innovations and growth areas. Here is our PROGRESS WATCH: 2020 YEARENDER – a compilation of major developments, updates and news in and around the City of Golden Friendship and the whole of Northern Mindanao (Camiguin, Bukidnon, Lanao del Norte, Misamis Oriental and Misamis Occidental.)


COMMUNITY QUARANTINES – LOCKDOWN was the word that best described the 3-month period from middle of March to end of May. For the first time, the city’s main thoroughfares were devoid of traffic and pedestrians wandering around. Except for stores selling necessities, everything was closed.

HEALTH PROTOCOLS – Washing of hands, social and physical distancing have become a regular norm in society. Suddenly, wearing of face masks and face shields became mandatory. Initially, it was inconvenient for most people but as months went by, we all have gotten used to it.

SWAB TEST – Travelers particularly those coming from Manila and other regions were subjected to swab tests. It has become a major requirement for those traveling by air or by sea.

ALCOHOL, SANITIZERS AND DISINFECTANTS – For the first few weeks of the lockdown, supply of alcohol and even sanitizers became scarce in groceries, supermarkets and pharmacies.

TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS – Tourism took a direct hit at the onset of the pandemic as leisure travels were either cancelled or prohibited. Both air and sea travels were confined to cargoes. Consequently, hotels, resorts, amusement parks and related facilities temporarily stopped operations. Some of them though were utilized as isolation units for quarantine purposes.

ONLINE AND MODULAR LEARNING – The start of the school year was delayed and students in both private and public schools were treated to the new normal of learning – online and modular as face-to-face sessions remained prohibited. Many were scrambling for desktop computers, laptops and associated gadgets like camera and headsets as the digital trend went into another level.

ONLINE SHOPPING AND FOOD DELIVERIES – The stay-at-home policy resulted to more residents ordering online via popular apps like Foodpanda, GrabFood and Streetby. Dining-in were not allowed during the early part of the pandemic. Major malls and supermarkets have also added online shopping as an alternative in support of the policy.

PLANTITO-PLANTITA CRAZE – With basically all residents confined to their homes, growing plants in their homes have become a trend during the pandemic.

VIRTUAL EVENTS – When restrictions were eased in the second half of the year, basically events, meeting and conferences were limited and went virtual through Zoom and Microsoft Teams, among others. Beauty pageants were held virtually.


When the community quarantine guidelines eased up starting June, people started to go out and businesses opened up. Because of the lockdown, most prefer travelling to the province, breathe fresh air and enjoy nature. Because of this, local tourism picked up.


Despite the pandemic, businesses opened during the latter part of the year. See some of them below.


The construction industry also resumed in the second half of 2020. View some of them below.



Looking forward to a hopeful 2021!

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