A netizen in Cagayan de Oro City shared his grateful experience on Christmas Eve when a balut vendor found his wallet and even found time to return it to him.

In his Facebook post, Balbin Darrell stated that he was already at home in bed after dropping off his friends when he received a message if he had lost his UMID ID. Upon checking his bag, he confirmed that he has indeed lost one of his wallet. So he rushed to meet the balut vendor in front of Maria Reyna Hospital despite its nearing midnight. Darrell was so grateful to Mr. Ernesto Ello who found his wallet and managed to find time to return it to him despite the chaos and pandemic.

He then took notice of the Christmas Day gospel “which was about the true meaning of Christmas and it is all about finding Jesus, finding the good in bad and finding what is right from wrong...”

God bless to you Mr. Ernesto Ello.

photo by Balbin Darrell

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