“GAMAY RAMAN KOG SWELDO SA CONSTRUCTION, NAK PERO IF MAKAGRASYA KO MUHATAG KO KAY NAA KOY IKAHATAG.” – These words from a construction worker had a netizen speechless after receiving P20 coins for helping him find his way from SM Uptown to Agora Bus Terminal in Cagayan de Oro City last Sunday, November 22.

JM del Rosario in his viral Facebook post had goosebumps when the man who seemed to have less money gave him P20 coins for his fare back after helping him directions in going to Agora. Read the whole story below.


A man in his late 30s approached me and asked me this question as I was waiting for a jeepney along Macapagal Highway. He is a construction worker somewhere in SM uptown.

I told him, “Double ride ka, kol. Walay jeep nga diritso Agora. Sakay ka pa-Cogon and sakay ka pa-Agora.”

A Xavier Heights jeep came and we both jumped in. We were seated across from each other and he immediately said, “Ako ra migo. Ako ra plite,” with his 50 pesos in his hand.

Sheepishingly, I told him, “Ayaw na kol! Ako ra” but he insisted and I just said, “Salamat, kol.” It was obvious that he’s not from here. I was supposed to get off somewhere in Carmen but my conscience said to help this man. He asked me, “Asa man ka munaog, Migo?” I told him with a smile behind my facemask, “Sa Cogon pud, kol. Pasakyon lang taka, kol.” Salamat, go! He replied.

We both alighted from the jeepney adjacent to National Bookstore. We waited for a Lapasan-Agora jeep and I asked him, “Taga-asa diay ka, kol? Naa ka plite, kol?” He told me, “Taga Aplaya ko, go, ginaog raku ddto kay naa daw hapitan tong naghatod and wla ko kabalo unsay sakyan pa-Agora. Salamat kaayo, go!”

I was about to grab my wallet and give a few pesos for his fare but…

He straight away reached for his pocket and got 20-peso coins and handed them to me. “Taga-an lang tka plite, nak! Para pa-uli nimo.” (He told me “nak” short for “anak”) I told him, “Ayaw na kol! Naa ko plite kol.”

You know what he said?


I was floored by what he said. I didn’t know what to say. Sure, I have more to give at that time but this man with a few resources, reached for his pocket and unhesitatingly gave out.

He insisted so I took the money. A Lapasan jeepney came and ushered him to the jeepney entrance and told the driver, “Kuya? Palihug ko ni uncle, ya! Sa Agora ra siya! Salamat!”

While the jeepney started running, he put his head out of the window, took off his facemask and face shield and shouted, “NAK! SALAMAT!”

I had goosebumps. I waived at him. My heart was so full of gratitude. I know God will reward this man more than he can imagine. He will be blessed more because he decided to be a blesser.


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