A woman had an honest security guard to thank for after recovering her lost envelope containing P20,000 cash intended to pay her bills.

The woman had a sleepless night after losing the envelope yesterday, November 9, containing the cash she withdrew from a bank. Her family even already lost hope of recovering the money since she couldn’t remember where she lost it. Further, because of the pandemic, they thought the money can be useful for the person who may have found it.

To her surprise, the bank called her up this morning informing her that her money was found intact inside the envelope by a security guard assigned at CKL Builders, a hardware store in Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City where she dropped by yesterday to buy something. Accordingly, the guard surnamed Sevilla found the envelope with cash and immediately informed the store’s staff. Luckily, the envelope also contained the copy of the bank withdrawal slip which led them to call the bank.


To the honest security guard, may your tribe increase!

courtesy of NY Square

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