Construction of the 17-kilometer Alae-Phividec Bypass Road is now progressing with the last bridge project. When completed, this will divert traffic along the busy Sayre Highway, Puerto-Alae Section and will also serve as an alternate road towards the Mindanao Container Terminal (MCT) in Tagoloan, where cargo trucks coming from Bukidnon will be catered directly.

Here’s the full route of the project. The ongoing bridge construction is the final section for the whole route to be passable.


Here’s a closer look at the junction where the road project connects to Sayre Highway. It is actually 300 meters from the old Mantibugao Road and Alae Bridge.


The project involved improvement of 7 kilometers existing road and construction of 10 kilometers new road.

photo by TRip ni Tonio
photo by TRip ni Tonio

Photos below show the ongoing bridge construction which is approximately 5 kilometers from the National Highway Junction at Phividec. Actually, the project completion was stalled with the bridge construction.

photo by TRip ni Tonio
photo by TRip ni Tonio

Watch the full aerial video below by TRip ni Tonio.

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