One of the most common mistakes among drivers particularly in accidents in intersections is the thought of assuming the driver of the other vehicle would stop and give way. This is perhaps one of the reason of this collision between two jeepneys at T.Chaves and Rizal Streets in downtown Cagayan de Oro near the odl Post Office building.

As shown below, the 2 jeepneys collided at the intersection. Based on the photo, there seems to be minor damage as both seemed tried to evade each other. The Camp Evangelista-bound jeepney (left) is going straight along Rizal Street towards Gaston Park while the RB Bayabas jeepney (right) is going towards Cogon along T.Chaves Street. It is necessary that drivers should slow down or even stop at the said intersection because it’s a major crossroad among many vehicles at Divisoria area. But then again, both drivers thought the other one would stop and give way … until it it was too late.

photo by John Thomas Pupos

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