Here’s something new for burger lovers. CABU Grilled Burger, yes, you read it right – GRILLED! Cagayan de Oro’s newest burger brand offers 100% pure Angus beef that is cook-grilled — provides that wonderful smoky aroma and flavour that make the whole burger experience different from the pan fried burgers. For orders, just call 0975-841-7906 or message them in Facebook.

Didn’t we say grilled is much healthier? CABU Grilled Burger started in September 2020 and has since so far received positive reviews for its pioneering House Burger (Php180).


By the way, they also make their own brioche bun that are freshly baked all the time, fluffy, buttery and very tasteful.


Furthermore, from the choicest fresh vegetables and cheese to home-made garlic aioli sauce and onion confit, CABU Grilled Burger is a pure delight and therefore creating much buzz. This is probably one of the best, if not the best burger in the city.

Just last week, CABU Grilled Burger came up with the ULTIMATE Burger (Php299). It is amazingly delicious loaded with mozzarella cheese and crispy bacon. For the ULTIMATE version, they use the home-made black garlic-pickle relish aioli sauce that hold the whole thing together to a new ultimate level of burger experience.



Hungry yet? CABU Grilled Burger is open for deliveries Tuesday to Sunday from 2:30pm – 7:00pm. There is Php30 delivery charge. Try it now.

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