Joeffrey Solin-ay Mambucon became the first ever doctor of the Tigwahanon – Manobo tribe of San Fernando, Bukidnon finishing his Doctor of Medicine degree at De La Salle Medical & Health Sciences Institute last June. Not just that, ‘Doc Otit’ also finished Bachelor of Science in Nursing way back in 2010 from University of Mindanao.


photos from Joefrrey Mambucon FB page

In his Facebook post, Mambucon said coming from a far-flung area in Sitio Opis, Namnam, San Fernando, Bukidnon, he didn’t know how to speak Cebuano. But he dreamed big…and this year, he just made history and made his tribe proud! Due to grit and hard work, he achieved his dream. He was also a recipient of Dean’s Special Award for Research and Dean’s Special Award for Advocacy, Inclusiveness, and Equity.

Congratulations Joeffrey Solin-ay Mambucon, RN, MD!

Read more details in his Facebook post below.

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