Old folks could still remember Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro’s first mall when it opened nearly 30 years ago as an open air strip mall. But for the younger generation, it pays to know some history for the city’s homegrown mall.

Below are some of the old photos (courtesy of Limketkai Center).

This is one of two main buildings housing the mall’s cinemas.

This was the mall’s open air hallway.

Mall construction as seen from present-day Natasha.

History in the making – the first McDonald’s outside Luzon was in Cagayan de Oro.

Here’s a view from one of the parking areas.

Kagayanon Restaurant was among the first to open inside Limketkai Center while the mall was still under construction. The site is now occupied by Shopwise.

The pioneering McDonald’s in Cagayan de Oro during its early years.

Cagayan de Oro began embracing the new lifestyle – malling. This was the South Entrance with the old Plaza Fair at left.

Bench was among the pioneering shops at Limketkai Mall.

Most of these photos were taken when the mall started its major renovation.

You can observe steel columns rising along the mall’s main hallway.

This is the East Entrance with Mercury Drug at left. The drug store still occupies the same spot today.

This was the first location of Dunkin’ Donuts beside defunct Alemar’s Bookstore.

Because of its open air design, shoppers can only walk along the sides when it rains.

Barney’s was a popular snack place during the mall’s early years.

This entrance at the back of Jollibee still exists today.

The mall had concrete rectangular benches where shoppers can relax.

This was the old Customer Service Center.

Picture City was a popular photo developing shop.

Here are some of the early cellphone shops.

Do you have memories of the old Plaza Fair? This is now occupied by Robinsons.

Security at the south entrance beside the fruit stand (Urgena Fruits).

Islands Souvenirs was a popular shop among tourists.

The site of the Shoe Plaza is now the open entrance to the Atrium.

This was the original design of the Jollibee store which remains at the same space today.

KFC used to be at the North Concourse and was relocated to the South Concourse as Limketkai began rezoning food chains and restaurants. National Bookstore now occupies the old KFC space.

7net Internet Cafe was one of the first internet cafe’s in the mall.

Smart is still occupying the same space as of today at the north entrance.

Meanwhile, the open air skate park is always packed during weekends.

This is now the location of the Atrium.

Bump cars were once situated at the present day Rotunda.

Here’s an aerial view of the skate park.

At the turn of the century, Limketkai started building the Atrium.

The playground and skating rink have been removed and foundation works and steel trusses are now being prepared for the soon to be Atrium. That’s Chowking by the way.

We first posted these photos way back in 2013 in 4 parts but links to the photos are now gone and so we thought we’ll re-post them.


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