Cagayan de Oro recorded twenty-one (23) new confirmed Covid-19 cases, all local transmission as of 10:00pm of October 2, 2020 as the cumulative total is now 852, of which 324 are active with 490 recoveries and 38 deaths. This was revealed in today’s virtual press briefing at City Hall.

View profiles of the latest cases below.

  1. CASE #832: 42-year old female; LOCAL CASE – APOR; healthcare worker; exposed to confirmed case in Lanao del Sur; swabbed in Lanao del Sur
  2. CASE #833: 10-year old child of Case #832; LOCAL CASE
  3. CASE #834: 47-year old female; LOCAL CASE – APOR; exposed to Case #640
  4. CASE #835: 54-year old male from Brgy CUGMAN; self-employed; admitted at private hospital due to dizziness, nausea; 2 close contacts identified
  5. CASE #836: 53-year old female from Brgy LAPASAN; LOCAL CASE; wife of Case #502
  6. CASE #837: 16-year old male from Brgy CARMEN; LOCAL CASE; son of Case #584
  7. CASE #838: 32-year old female from Brgy LAPASAN; LOCAL CASE – APOR; healthcare worker in Bukidnon; re-tagged from Bukidnon
  8. CASE #839: 63-year old male from Brgy NAZARETH; LOCAL CASE; father of Cases #577, #578, husband of #669
  9. CASE #840: 38-year old male from MACABALAN; LOCAL CASE – APOR; NMMC; had history of travel in province
  10. CASE #841: 66-year old male from Brgy CAMAMAN-AN; LOCAL CASE; had fever, cough, body weakness, hyperglycemia; contact tracing ongoing
  11. CASE #842: 39-year old male from Brgy IPONAN; LOCAL CASE – APOR; history travel to Butuan City; had fever, body malaise, cough, shortness of breath; admitted at NMMC
  12. CASE #843: 83-year old female from gated community in Brgy KAUSWAGAN; LOCAL CASE; history of myocardial infraction, pneumonia; developed shortness of breath, cough; admitted at NMMC
  13. CASE #844: 37-year old female from Brgy BUGO; LOCAL CASE; exposed to Case #798; travel history in Bukidnon; admitted at private hospital; 5 close family contacts identified
  14. CASE #845: 31-year old male from Brgy BAYABAS; LOCAL CASE; had flu-like symptoms; lost sense of smell & taste; admitted at private hospital; 10 household contacts identified
  15. CASE #846: 34-year old male from Brgy BUGO; LOCAL CASE; worked at Bugo factory; had colds, cough; 2 direct contacts
  16. CASE #847: 40-year old male from Brgy CANITOAN; LOCAL CASE; car accessories sales associate; 3 close contacts identified
  17. CASE #848: 77-year old female from Brgy PUNTOD; LOCAL CASE; admitted at private hospital due to hypertension, bell’s palsy; 14 close contacts identified
  18. CASE #849: 40-year old female from Brgy CARMEN; LOCAL CASE; bank employee; had sore throat, body pain, nasal congestion, loss of smell, taste; 10 close contacts identified
  19. CASE #850: 54-year old female from Brgy BUGO; LOCAL CASE; attended family gathering; had fever, loss of sense of taste; admitted at private hospital
  20. CASE #851: 31-year old female from Brgy CONSOLACION; LOCAL CASE – APOR; post-partum; gave birth at private hospital; 4 close contacts identified
  21. CASE #852: 43-year old male; LOCAL CASE – APOR; retagged from Davao City

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