When a community acts fast, the objective is usually met. This happened last September 17 after local residents of Barangay Maraymaray, Don Carlos, Bukidnon helped recover four stolen pigs owned by a resident from nearby Kadingilan town.

In her Facebook post, netizen Illaizah Edicto said a motorcycle rider with mud all over fell near the gate of Maraymaray. When local residents asked what happened to him, he said he was chasing two motorcycle riders who stole 4 of his pigs and he thought the thieves might have passed the area. He then asked if they have a contact at the town proper. Without hesitation Illaizah’s brother called her father to ask help to put a road block near the town proper to catch the thieves. After 5 minutes, they received a call that the 2 riders were spotted on the other road instead. It was at this moment that Illaizah’s brother took his own motorcycle and sped towards the area where the thieves were seen. Not long after, several residents from Maraymaray onboard motorcycles also gave chase. After chasing for 2 hours, the 4 pigs were recovered but the thieves got away.

photos by Illaizah Edicto

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