The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has warned consumers against the purchase of popular food products like Reno Liver Spread and Baguio Special Strawberry Jam and several other food products that were found to have no Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) based on its online monitoring or post-marketing surveillance.

In a press statement, the FDA stated that RENO Foods, Incorporated, the manufacturer of RENO brand Liver spread has an existing License to Operate (LTO) as food repacker but failed to secure Certificate of Product Registration (CPR) for their products including RENO Brand Liver Spread as instructed by FDA when it applied for variation of their LTO to include processed meat. Read full statement below.

Meanwhile, FDA also warned the public NOT TO PURCHASE AND CONSUME the following products that have no CPRs and had not gone through evaluation process of the FDA that the agency cannot assure its quality and safety.

  1. MEMER FOOD DEALER Special Durian Preserved,12oz
  2. SPECIAL WANA’S Crab Paste, Taba ng Talangka
  3. BAGUIO SPECIAL Strawberry Jam
  4. THE ORIGINAL ROMULO’S Thinnest and Crunchiest Chips, Garlic Chips
  5. KM FOODS Tuna Longganisa, Garlic

Read full advisory below.

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