Rescue units of the Philippine Coast Guard stationed in Balingoan and Sugbongcogon Municipal Police Station successfully rescued all seven (7) crew members of JJBA Sea Breeze VIII which capsized off Sugbongcogon town in Misamis Oriental late Tuesday afternoon, September 15. The cargo vessel was carrying 13,500 cases of beer from Opol and was enroute to Surigao when it sank after encountering huge waves.

According to Coast Guard authorities, the cargo vessel was able to send “distress signal” before it sank prompting the Coast Guard to launch rescue and recovery operations. Police also launched motorbancas for the search. Photos below show the crew members after their rescue. The rescued crewmen were identified as Ferdinand Y. Bangcoyo, 52, boat captain, Nandy R. Lanzaderas, 55;  Furtunato Furcadili, 26; Berden Ilandag, 38; Robert Mondragon, 22; Leo Dorero, 21; and Procopio Spijon, 33.

All crew members are now temporarily housed at the town’s isolation center. Meanwhile, the 13,500 cases of beer went down with the vessel.

The ill-fated vessel (JJBA Sea Breeze VIII) could be similar to JJBA Sea Breeze VII as shown below.

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