DITO TELECOMMUNITY has released its land acquisition policies and guidelines and cautioning the public against individuals who misrepresent themselves as employees or representatives of DITO.

DITO stated they only have four (4) duly authorized representatives as follows:

  1. Huawei for North Luzon and National Capital Region
  2. ZTE for South Luzon and the Visayas
  3. Nokia-Huaxin for Mindanao
  4. Udenna Infrastructure

As indicated in their Public Advisory, DITO said they have already pre-identified and alternative sites for its towers where the locations were included in the plan submitted to the Philippine government before July 2019. Further, DITO clarifies that they only provide a maximum of three (3) months advance on monthly rentals to landowners.

Read full text below.

images from DITO Telecommunication

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