An online seller had a sleepless night after losing her laptop bag that contained a MacBook Pro, an iPod mini 4 and an iPhone 6 which she had left in a taxi on her way home Friday afternoon, September 4. But early today, September 5, she got a visitor – it was the taxi driver who came looking for her with all her gadgets intact.

In her Facebook post, Monna Mae Saludares said she took a taxi from JR Borja Extension to her home in Tagoloan and due to lack of sleep and her having a busy schedule from her shipping orders, she forgot to notice her laptop bag containing the gadgets. She initially thought her companion who dropped off at Puerto had the bag. She even had the incident recorded at the police station.

She also posted in Facebook hoping that someone can notice the taxi’s plate number.

But at around 8:00am today, September 5, 2020, the unnamed taxi driver arrived at her home looking for her bringing with him the laptop bag with her gadgets. Photo shows the taxi driver (left) and the online seller’s relative receiving the lost bag.

Just a few minutes ago, she got a text from the taxi driver.

God bless to the honest taxi driver.

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