Residents and volunteers inside Xavier Heights Subdivision in Upper Balulang, Cagayan de Oro City together with police helped apprehend the thief who has been involved in the series of theft incidents inside the subdivision. The suspect identified as Dennis Bering Velasco, 19 years old from Tacloban City was arrested Thursday night, August 13, after a witness alerted local authorities after seeing the suspect climbed the fence of a house at Block 46.

The Xavier Heights Subdivision Homeowners Association, Inc. (XHSHAI), in its Facebook page stated residents and volunteers ensured the thief would not escape while waiting for police to arrive. They also waited for a while to get permission from the owner to get inside the house since the owner was in Bukidnon. Police arrested the suspect inside the house. Seized from the suspect was a sachet containing crystalline believed to be shabu and a bladed weapon.

Further info revealed the suspect was just released from prison this June 2020 after pleading guilty for a lower offense on drugs and theft charges. The suspect reportedly confessed to have ransacked at least three (3) houses.

Accordingly, th suspect would check-in in one of the lodging houses in Agora where he would bring his loot or stolen things before selling it.

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