A team of meat inspectors from the Cagayan de Oo City Veterinary Office were unharmed when one of the lechoneros ran amok and tried to attack them during an inspection at a lechon stall in Barangay Canitoan yesterday for operating without a meat inspection certificate. Meanwhile, the lechon stall owner was arrested by responding police for violation of the Meat Inspection Code of the Philippines or Republic Act No. 9296, disobedience to persons in authority, and for violating the city ordinance on liquor ban.

Accordingly, under RA 9296, food animals intended for human consumption shall only be slaughtered at the local government-run slaughterhouse. This is to ensure that the meat has passed and appropriately branded by an inspector as safe and wholesome and in which no changes due to disease, decomposition or contamination have subsequently been found. Appropriate charges were filed against the said lechon store owner today, August 3.

Meanwhile, the lechon was confiscated by authorities and brought to the City Slaughterhouse and fed to the kiln.

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with text all photos by City Veterinary Office

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