If you were following the flyby schedule of the International Space Station (ISS), it was visible over Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines early Sunday, July 19. A netizen captured the ISS trailing towards the southeast horizon on a slightly overcast sky last Sunday at around 4:24am in Barangay Lumbia.

According to GioJoe Amoguis, the ISS is one of the brightest objects you can see in the night sky and you probably might have even seen it at one point before but just didn’t realize it was that. You can see it as a big white dot that moves quickly across the sky. You can go to astroviewer.net to check for the flyby schedules.

Photo taken using Canon Kiss x3 | ISO 800 | f3.5 | 20s
0424H | 07192020 | Lumbia, CDO

photo by GioJoe Amoguis

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