Math whiz kids from Cagayan de Oro City won 3 gold, 6 silver, 22 bronze medals and 16 credit certificates in the 2020 International Kangaroo Mathematics Olympiad (IKMC) – Philippines conducted in the country last June 27, 2020.

Because of the pandemic, the IKMC was done online under time pressure. Congratulations to the awardees. See the list below.

LPD – Lower Primary Division; MPD – Medium Primary Division; UPD – Upper Primary Division; ID – Intermediate Division; JD – Junior Division; SD – Senior Division

GOLDAbdul, Al KhayrLPDCity Central School
GOLDPenar, Niña Mavis LiannahLPDCity Central School
GOLDSur, Kristina IsabellaLPDCity Central School
SILVERJoring, AshleyLPDCity Central School
SILVERYañez, Chloe BlytheLPDCity Central School
SILVERAsuncion, Samantha KayeMPDSt. Mary’s School
SILVERCastro, Denn Ethan JoshMPDSt. Mary’s School
SILVERAbdul, SehanorUPDCity Central School
SILVERSia, Benn JethroJDKong Hua School
BRONZETomatao, Alcher Jr.LPDCity Central School
BRONZEAbella, Gelzy KateLPDCity Central School
BRONZECastillon, Audrey ChristineLPDCity Central School
BRONZECodillo, Shekinah BeatriceLPDCity Central School
BRONZELoking, Nethanella JoyceLPDCity Central School
BRONZELopez, NikkuLPDCity Central School
BRONZENamocot, Rafael EnzoLPDCity Central School
BRONZENovo, Hannah SophiaLPDCity Central School
BRONZERodriguez, MiguelLPDCity Central School
BRONZESalesa, Nina AngielineLPDCity Central School
BRONZESangarios, Christle ValorLPDCity Central School
BRONZETeneza, KhynanLPDCity Central School
BRONZELeonor, Audrey ColeenLPDOro Christian Grace School
BRONZEHinosolango, ZyrheneMPDCity Central School
BRONZELindayao, Tristan JonMPDCity Central School
BRONZESur, Karlo FranciscoMPDCity Central School
BRONZEValmorida, Leander GabrielMPDCity Central School
BRONZESee, Ethan BryanMPDOro Christian Grace School
BRONZEAbas, Rafael Ethan JosephMPDSt. Mary’s School
BRONZEAycardo, Devon EzekielJDKong Hua School
BRONZESia, Breann JeanIDKong Hua School
BRONZELimketkai, DerekSDKong Hua School
CREDITBusoy, Vaughn JarredLPDCity Central School
CREDITCajulao, Samantha LeannaLPDCity Central School
CREDITEgargo, AngelLPDCity Central School
CREDITLague, Alec TheodoreLPDCity Central School
CREDITMandreza , Jake AngeloLPDCity Central School
CREDITNeri, Uzziel MalchidielLPDCity Central School
CREDITPonce, Sofia KaitlynLPDCity Central School
CREDITRamientos , Alianna KrystelLPDCity Central School
CREDITReysoma, Nicole ChloeLPDCity Central School
CREDITSerino, Shawnacy Angela MargauxLPDCity Central School
CREDITGo, AndreiMPDCity Central School
CREDITFernandez, IrvinMPDLiceo De Cagayan University
CREDITQuisumbing, AstraeaMPDLiceo De Cagayan University
CREDITSaransamun, ArissaMPDLiceo De Cagayan University
CREDITAbella, Zeth KevinUPDCity Central School
CREDITAbellanosa, SebastianUPDCity Central School
CREDITDino, DaniellaUPDCity Central School
CREDITEscorpiso, Rik AntonUPDCity Central School
CREDITOnyot, Kurt AndreyUPDCity Central School
CREDITPalayen, Daphne NicoleUPDCity Central School
CREDITSangarios, Christle ChloeUPDCity Central School
CREDITTalip, NathanielUPDCity Central School
CREDITPanolong, Imran JibrilUPDOro Christian Grace School
CREDITAlbarece, Jaina AyuJDLiceo De Cagayan University
CREDITKu, InigoIDKong Hua School
CREDITVinas, Marie Nicole AndreaIDXavier University Junior High School

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The Philippines won close to one thousand medals and awards. Overall, Filipino mathletes garnered 107 gold, 179 silver, 290 bronze medals and 392 credit certificates.

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