“Humbaan ni Aling Violy”, Cagayan de Oro’s favorite casual eatery serving its popular version of humba has opened its new branch along JR Borja Extension right beside MAO Fruit Stand.

For directions, see the map below. It is located some 60 meters from RTMI right side going east. It occupies the commercial space formerly occupied by a pharmacy.

Humbaan ni Aling Violy serves its own version of humba with sabaw (broth) in contrast to the classic humba which is sweet with thick sauce. Its humba has gained popularity in the city since the mid-80s

It also serves the Classic Humba as well as other favorite Filipino home-cooked dish such as: Paklay, Sisig, Bola2x, Lechon Kawali, Adobo, Chicken Curry, and Veggie Salad, among others.

Meanwhile, Humbaan ni Aling Violy’s main branch at Cogon Market is still open but on scheduled operating time due to the pandemic.

with photos by H.A.V.

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