A leatherback sea turtle, considered the largest of all turtles, has been found dead floating off the coastal waters of Talibon town in Bohol in the Philippines Sunday morning, July 12, 2020. Accordingly, this is the first recorded stranding incident of leatherback in the province.

The leatherback is a unique turtle since its carapace (turtle shell) is leather-like hence the name unlike other turtle species that have hard bony shells. Check out these photos below courtesy of Ellen Mumar and Anacita Lofranco.

The sea reptile was turned over to MENRO Talibon together with CENRO Talibon staff who buried the turtle late afternoon but was later exhumed to be turned over to the National Museum for preservation. Samples were also taken for genetic analysis for further study. Photos by CMEMP Tagbilaran.

Watch below.

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