J&T Express Philippines’ public relations team is currently having a nightmare following the viral video showing mishandling of packages which has circulated online and in social media. Moreover, more similar videos and photos have also surfaced that have been shared through the web.

Aside from the video, other photos (grabbed from Facebook) also surfaced online as the video spread. First photo shows a delivery van which smashed into a building which was funnily captioned “new door-to-door delivery.”

Another photo shows a parcel found on top of the delivery van. Netizens commented it must have been thrown higher as a reference to the viral video.

Have you seen the viral video? See for yourself and wonder what happened to some “fragile” packages. After watching this, you will not think twice to contract the courier to deliver your package.

Here’s another undated video also showing similar practice.

The courier firm released a statement last Monday which reads:

We have received complaints on the mishandling of parcels as shown in a viral video, circulating on social media. We would like to reiterate that we do not tolerate such acts and behavior, and we humbly take responsibility for this incident.

We would also like to assure the public that this is an isolated case. All of our facilities, including our branches and warehouses across the country, are under 24/7 monitoring. We also follow strict protocols in handling the shipments and ensure that these are handled with proper care.

We have already identified all the involved personnel in the video. Proper sanctions will be given to them accordingly.

We thank all individuals, especially our customers and employees, for their continuous and trust and support. As a way of showing our gratitude, we are planning to provide incentives for such actions. – J&T Express Philippines

After the release of the statement, the courier uploaded short PR clips to counter the viral video.

Unlike before where a company’s PR team has a time to prepare to cushion the negative impact of a damaging video, viral videos on social media particularly Facebook need immediate action since every second counts and netizens need only a split second to click and share it.

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