A joint team composed of officials of Barangay Lilingayon, Valencia City, CSWD-Valencia City and Valencia City Police rescued today, June 16, two young girls aged 6 and 8 at Sitio Tandacol, Brgy. Lilingayon, Valencia City, Bukidnon after a concerned netizen sought help after the girls’ father posted a video online threatening to strangle one of the girls with a rope tied around her neck if his wife who is working abroad will not send money soon.

Accordingly, the girls are already safe and presently under the care of CSWD-Valencia City, while the father identified as Carliot Pabalay is under investigation for violation of RA 7610 (Child Abuse).

A co-worker earlier sought assistance from local authorities to rescue the girls due to a post by the father tying a rope to the girl’s neck if her mother delays sending money.

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