Here’s another aerial photo of then the town of Cagayan (now Cagayan de Oro) taken on October 11, 1944 sourced from the Monash University Collections Online. Several structures of the town proper were labeled either as damaged or destroyed during the war.

Below are closer shots.

Here’s the town proper.
A closer look of the town proper.
Legend of the number labels regarding structures relative to the war. (Damd – damaged; Dest. – destroyed)

Interestingly, below are the labeled structures with reference today.

  1. RC Church – Saint Augustine Cathedral
  2. Bishop’s Palace – Archbishop’s Palace
  3. Court House + Jail – non-existent today (now part of Archbishop’s Palace compound)
  4. Concrete Water Tower – City Museum
  5. Municipal Building and Plaza – Amphitheater site
  6. Post Office – back of Amphitheater site
  7. Gov’t School – City Central School
  8. RC High School ‘Anteno’ – Xavier University (Ateneo)

Not labeled in the image is MOGCHS.

Near the bottom of the image is the airfield (now Camp Evangelista).
A shot of the wharf area.
There was a bridge straight from now Yacapin Street towards Carmen area.
The caption of the image which states it was taken October 11 1944.

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