Two brothers were arrested by elements of Iligan City Police Station 4 regarding an alleged rape incident of a 17-year old at around 3:00am, May 13, in Ubaldo Laya, Iligan City.

Arrested were Junaid Dimapinggun, 21 years old, male, student and Joshua Dimapinggun 18 years old, male both from Purok Green Valley, Brgy. Ubaldo Laya, Iligan City. The brothers were arrested after a 17-year old female alleged them of raping her.

Based on the police report, the victim was so drunk and was vomiting after a drinking spree with her elder brother and 4 other men at their house.

She went inside her sister’s bedroom but the older suspect allegedly followed her and started abusing her. The other younger suspect also followed and startled the older brother who then went outside. The victim tried to leave the room, but unfortunately, the younger suspect grabbed her by the neck and also started to rape her. The victim was able to resist the suspect and left the room.

Later in the morning, she reported the incident to her siblings who then sought police assistance. The suspects were arrested at their residence and are now in police custody. Police are also investigating how the suspects and the victim were able to but intoxicating liquor despite a liquor ban in the city is still in effect.

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