Paris-based Kagayanon international contemporary artist Louie Talents was supposed to hold his “Posporo Art Project” in Amman, Jordan when the Covid-19 pandemic broke out. Instead, he decided to play with his matchsticks or “posporo” as a diary into a Facebook online exhibit while under home quarantine.

Louie, who has been using matchsticks in his artworks, is using the pandemic as a subject in his current posporo art project.

Despite being thousands of miles away, he is very much in touch on what is going on in his hometown. Noticeably, you can observe his use of different languages – Bisaya, French, English … because he strongly believes that as a Kagayanon, our language has to be heard and to be looked at the same level as how we look at French or English. Check out some of his “posporo” artworks below.

More photos of his “posporo artworks” in the link below.

Here’s Louie at his work desk.

Watch this special UNTV feature about him.

A multi-awarded artist, we have featured him before.

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