Residents at Morning Mist Village (MMV) at Pueblo de Oro got their needed FREE HAIRCUT following the initiative of the homeowners association (MMVHOA) to bring one barber to the village after securing clearance from the City Government Covid Health Cluster Team.

Accordingly, the FREE HAIRCUT project of MMVHOA was a way of thanking its members for “staying at home” during the duration of quarantine. Those who availed of the free haircut need to pre-enlist at the association’s Facebook page. By the way, the approval from the City Government came with several conditions as follows:

  1. A scheduled barber at the open air and wide MMV Multipurpose Hall;
  2. Only one customer at a time;
  3. Both customer and barber should wear face mask
  4. Barber to wear extended face shield and gloves (to be provided by MMVHOA)
  5. Barber to have 2 sets of barber tools, so that while he is using set ONE, set TWO is being sterilized in alcohol
  6. Customers are advised to bring their own sheets or towels or bathrobe so no sharing of cloth covers
  7. Chair used should be cleaned with disinfectant after every use.

The MMVHOA has sought the services of “Ricky”, who previously worked at David’s Salon who has so far served more than 30 customers at the village from April 26-27. A third round was originally scheduled today, April 28 but was postponed after the barber begged off due reportedly to exhaustion.

Perhaps other homeowners association can replicate this in their respective areas.

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