Queen of Mindanaoan Fashion Guela Ampong teamed up with Obstetrician Gynecologist Dr. Jamillah Watamama in creating a Philippine flag-inspired hazmat suit and other personal protective equipment (PPE) for frontline healthcare workers in Cagayan de Oro City.

In her Facebook post, Queen Guela Ampong said the customized colorful hazmat design symbolizes us, Filipinos with the following meaning of the colors.

  • Blue – for Peace, harmony, and unity. As we are now on each other’s back, helping one another to survive.
  • Red – for WAR! War against these unseen enemy – COVID19, Many of us, have succumbed to death, due to this fight.
  • Yellow – for Resiliency, and hope. Hoping for these crisis to end (God Willing!)
  • White – for Purity. As each Filipino has the pure heart to offer there service and compassion towards their fellowmen and country, the Philippines

Browse over some photos of the flag-inspired hazmat suit below.

Read more details about the creation in the link below.

Meanwhile, Guela Ampong and Dr. Watamama have also designed PPEs inspired by doctors. See them below.

And our healthcare workers finally got to wear them.

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