Have you ever wondered what’s inside the famed “Torre ni David” in Cabangahan, Malaybalay City? The 3-storey house which was built in the 1960s has been the center of haunted stories and unexplained occurrences for the past several decades.

Based on available information, the house was built by David Valmorida in 1962 thus the monicker “Torre ni David” with reference also to the Bible. It is also not an ordinary house as it has figures of men on all corners of thje 2nd and 3rd floors as if carrying the load of the floor above them. It also has giant figures of animals around the house and at its garden.

Because it is just along the highway, many have taken photos of its unique design taking selfies with the house in the background. See some of them below.

But rarely do we see the interiors of the house. Until just recently in early March. As shown below, the house is just like any other old house – long stairs with wooden banisters, large doors, old photo frames, large mirror – basically a rustic feel. The house is a mix of wooden and concrete architecture.

But then again, these were taken during the day. Check out other views of the house.

Below are some old photos.

Perhaps when the COVID-19 ends, you can make a visit.

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