Ms. Jizea Mee “Tammy” Baltazar, a registered nurse, together with Qomunica IT Solutions and Sandrego Cabinetry are raising funds to put up COVID-19 Medical Tents in various hospitals in Cagayan de Oro City and in Manolo Fortich, Bukidnon.

Cagayan de Oro City is serving as the COVID-19 center of Northern Mindanao and with the increase of cases everyday, Tammy’s group is anticipating the risk of hospitals being overwhelmed and the spread of the virus within the healthcare facilities.

“RAISE-A-TENT” aims to set up the following tents:

  • DECONTAMINATION ROOM – A booth where medical staff will be decontaminated before going in and out of the hospital.
  • TRIAGE AREA – Accommodating regular consultation for potential COVID-19 cases to determine those in need of immediate medical attention.
  • ISOLATION ROOM for PUIs – Will serve as operating and isolation rooms for patients with sensitive medical condition, instead of immediately bringing the PUIs inside the hospital, which poses risks of further contamination. The tents will serve as additional medical accommodations to avoid overwhelming the hospitals. OB and surgical temporary room.
  • MEDICAL STAFF TENT for our doctors, nurses and healthcare workers – An area where our frontliners can rest, as majority don’t go home anymore to minimize risk of infecting their families and also to be available on-call during this crisis.

Target Tents: Minimum 12 units but more local hospitals may need this
Dimension: 15 ft x 15 ft
Medical Tent can house 10 beds
Construction: Can easily be completed within 24-48 hours
Interior: Sandrego Cabinetry will take care of the interior needs
Deployment: 3 per hospital – 1-2 for patients and 1 for medical staff
See layout below.

The group is also calling upon all kind-hearted citizens and everyone willing to help the cause to support the cause in setting up COVID-19 Medical Tents in hospitals such as JR Borja General Hospital (through the efforts of Dr. Michael Perez, head of surgery department and Dr. Rose Belle Sucgang), Northern Mindanao Medical Center, and Bukidnon Provincial Hospital in Manolo Fortich.

Funds raised will be used for the whole set up of COVID-19 Medical Tents. Any excess funding will go to other materials needed such as beds, fans/air coolers, and/or medical equipment including PPEs for medical frontliners. TESDA will be bringing their sewing machines to Qomunica office to start sewing the PPEs with the materials purchased.

Photos below show the group inspecting the area at JR Borja General Hospital in Carmen, Cagayan de Oro where they will put up the tents. The tents seen onsite are only makeshift triage tents.

Here’s a sample full body PPE.

Here’s how you can make a donation:

Angela Mae Pescador – 0917-773-0901

BPI: 8999-1321-12
BDO: 001760353394

For other inquiries, you can visit its Facebook page below.

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